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This exclusive service is an ideal alternative to charter flights or commercial air travel, offering a variety of jets and hourly flight plans to choose from, thousands of worldwide destinations and no hidden fees or charges — plus, no large up-front commitments.

This exclusive service is offered to you through our partner, Bombardier Skyjet®.

Club Rewards bonus points

In addition to the normal Club Rewards points you earn for purchases, you can also earn up to 650,000 Club Rewards bonus points when you purchase a Premier Fleet Membership with your Card. (Club Rewards bonus points are posted 6–8 weeks from the purchase of an hourly plan.) Please see the chart below for each bonus offer available based on the size of the jet and number of hours you purchase.

  25 Hours 50 Hours 100 Hours
Small jet 75,000 points 150,000 points 300,000 points
Mid-size jet 100,000 points 200,000 points 400,000 points
Large jet 200,000 points 350,000 points 650,000 points

Client is responsible for any exceptional or extraordinary fees including, but not limited to, any international fees, ground handling fees, high density charges or charges such as de-icing, hangar fees and flight phone. Client is also responsible for Federal Excise Tax (7.5%) and segment fees. Client will be billed separately for these charges. Skyjet is not a “Common Carrier,” therefore Diners Club® Travel Accident Insurance does not apply to travel with Skyjet. Plan hours must be used within 12 months from the date of purchase. Bombardier and Skyjet are either registered trademark(s) or trademark(s) of Bombadier Inc. and/or its subsidiaries.